written: Nov 2003


Topeka KS (election day in April 2005)
Posted Nov 2004

A typical day in the life of your new "Peopleís e-Mayor"

Get up Ė head for the bathroom.

Hope the automatic coffee maker works. Bring my own coffee Ė (Iím cheap)

Get online. Check my email, make a few scrabble plays with my close friends.

Head for the office.

Before getting to the office, stop off at the downtown YMCA and use their prayer chapel.

Head to the Mayorís office.

Read my mail.

Remember that I donít have a clue whose whom, so Iíll need to get acquainted with people.

Get with my secretary and decide my schedule.

Trust the Department Heads and our fine city employees.

Make the Mayorís office a "NO SPIN ZONE." Named after my hero Bill OíReilly.

Call my good friend Jim Cates on radio station KMAJ/AM on a scheduled basis.

Prepare to handle the "difficult" people, city council, etc.etc.etc.

Always keep CHRIST in my heart and keep my soul-mate Sal.

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