Our #2 Problem (Illegal Immigration)

Posted:April 26, 2006

Make this web page for the illegal aliens rally on the steps of our state Capitol.
The photos are for our www.myownfaith2.com subscribers only.
There's a grass roots movement to counter the April 10th rally. I'm the assistant press secretary.

Citizens for Immigration Reform

  • Citizens for Immigration Reform Organized April 26, 2006 ... Gage Park Topeka KS

  • Topeka Public LibraryOrganizational Meeting
  • Topeka Public LibraryOrganizational Meeting (pg 2)
  • Topeka Public LibraryJuly-Dec 2007 (pg 1)
  • Topeka Public LibraryJuly-Dec 2007 (pg 2)
  • Topeka Public LibraryJuly-Dec 2007 (pg 3)
  • Secretaries minutesJune 2007 (signatures)
  • CFIR MembersSubscribers only

    Illegal Alien photos follow:

  • Illegal Alien Photos.. Password protected.(not yet)
  • Found on the state house grounds .. Illegal Aliens Bill of Rights


  • Neighborhood Watch Watch.. Thomas Lessman, webmaster
  • Grassfire
  • Federation for American Immigration Reform:
  • The John Birch Society
  • SOS Borders
  • Team America
  • Phyliss Schlafly Eagle Forum

    Citizens Against Illegal Immigration Topeka

    posted: 8/8/8

    Our name has been changed!

  • Citizens Against Illegal Immigration Topeka.org
  • Aliens.htm
  • Go Home.. to be with Jesus
  • Reliv.. Our 2nd Business
  • Stock Market.. Trading on the Market
  • Weekender.. Sally's Fashion Business